Bellew Takes Another Shot At Haye, Says He’s No Longer A Force

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Tony Bellew is aiming at victory over former heavyweight champion, David Haye and believes it’ll make him the most valuable heavyweight on the planet.

And the Everton fan is insistent on the fact that his fellow Brit is not the same force he used to be when he was winning titles at cruiserweight and heavyweight.

The much awaited heavyweight bout will happen come March 4 at The O2 arena and Bellew is certain Haye’s complacency will prove costly.

Bellew told Sky Sports News HQ: “I know this fight can be ended for me in 20 seconds or I could end it in the 12th.

“He doesn’t believe I can even hit him, he has no regard for me whatsoever. He thinks he is going to turn up and walk through me. He is just an ego maniac.

“I am the guy who has been facing world class fighters, this guy has been posing on beaches for five years and living in nightclubs.

“The best win of David’s career is still in Paris on that great night against Jean-Marc Mormeck and that was at cruiserweight [in 2007]. Can anyone tell me a great heavyweight he has beaten?

“If I was fighting the David Haye who went to Paris, I would say I am up against it, but I’m not.”

Bellew admitted he respects Haye’s athleticism but thinks his own greater heart and desire will prove decisive.

“He is an amazing athlete,” said Bellew. “Very fast, very powerful, he is probably one of the best athletes in a boxing ring today.

“But I am not intending on having a race with him, I am going to have a fight with him. This isn’t the triathlon, it’s a fight, and that’s what I am good at doing.

“He had better hope this fight ends in four rounds because, if it doesn’t, he is in a world of trouble.”

At a pre-fight press conference back in November, Haye threw a punch at Bellew and the merseysider is more motivated after the incident.

“I pushed him away, he threw a punch and, in my opinion, you have overstepped the mark then,” said Bellew.

“We have a code among fighters that we should never really throw punches without gloves on and it was very stupid on his part.

“Just the thought of beating him motivates me every day, the thought of beating someone who is recognised as the best cruiserweight this country has ever seen, a former heavyweight champion of the world.

“I knock ‘Sideshow Bob’ out, I then become the most valuable heavyweight in the world, outside of the champions, and that is what is driving me each and every day.”



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