Be Like Kolawole, Refer A Friend And Become A Quickteller Millionaire!

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This is Kolawole.
Kolawole is a classic Amebo.
His friends prefer his news to a certain Linda…never mind.
Kolawole doesn’t tell you to send a broadcast to five of your friends or you will die, Kolawole didn’t tell his friends to bath with salt water during the Ebola scare,
He values the lives of his friends so much.
Kolawole has never shared those ‘Like and type AMEN’ posts on Facebook.
He is smart, he knows his friends will ignore him without thinking twice.When a Hot Gist comes, Kolawole doesn’t swallow it alone.Kolawole is not a glutton, he shares what he hears.He heard that you can get paid on any transaction your friends and family make on
So, he refers his friends quickly without a second thought.Kolawole knows that referring five friends gives him N1000 instantly.
So, he slides in that chic’s DM, refers her and asks her to refer her cute friends too.
Kolawole doesn’t keep the best to himself alone.Kolawole knows that the best referrers every quarter get 1 Million Naira.
Kolawole isn’t an enemy of progress, so he shares this with his friends too.

Kolawole is owing his landlord for 6 months,
So, he takes this seriously because there is no space under the bridge again!

Kolawole is smart,
Be Like Kolawole.
Refer a friend to use and become a millionaire!

Tonia Soares

Tonia Soares

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