#BBNaija Day 5: Uriel Explains Her Failure To Save Kemen

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Uriel was elected the head of house and she has so far being able to hold her head up high and maintain peace and orderliness in the #BBNaija house.

Things however became emotional for her on day 5 as she seemed to feel a bit of guilt for failing to save Kemen, who has been helping her with her Fitness regimen from a ‘false’ eviction list which all the housemates are unaware of.

Being the Head of house, Uriel had the privilege and the opportunity to save any housemate that caught her fancy among the five nominated for eviction.

Despite the privilege she had, she chose to save Miyonse and have him replaced with Marvis as opposed to saving Kemen whom she has a relationship with.

Uriel appeared to feel guilty about not saving Kemen and had a private conversation with him about it while also talking about his nomination for eviction after the morning workout.

She started out by telling Kemen that she knows he’s not fond of her but that she appreciated the fact that he’s able to take charge and be the dominant man.

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She also told him that she knows he’s not going anywhere.

Uriel then went on to put his mind at ease the best way she could by telling him that her gut instincts seem to tell her that she knows the whole nomination thing was a ruse by following the words of Biggie that stated that it was a possible eviction not a definite one.

She finished up by assuring Kemen that he will remain in the #BBNaija house along with everyone else. Kemen used the opportunity to tell her about his personal struggles, while also letting her know that he has a thing for her.

It’s however an open secret to everyone following #BBNaija except the housemates that big brother is in no way planning an eviction but will instead be bringing in two more persons to join the housemates.

It is left to be seen how the housemates react to the prank Biggie played on them after their endless campaign to remain in the house.

All and more will be It will be revealed on Sunday night.

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