#BBNaija 2017 Day 8: Cocoice Becomes New Head Of House

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Uriel was the first head of house at the #BBNaija 2017 show and by day 8, her time as Captain ended and a new leader was elected.

The proceedings for electing a new house leader started with Biggie summoning Uriel into the Diary Room to tell the Housemates that Biggie would soon call them into the Arena.

It didn’t take long for Biggie to call the Housemates into the Arena where he passed instructions to them to take keys that have been assigned to them and use it to open corresponding boxes.

As the housemates opened their boxes, most of them found dirt and string in them, even as Biggie called the numbers out one at a time.

One of the two new entrants in the #BBNaija house, Debie-Rise found a Joker’s hat in her box, and Biggie responded by telling her that she was the house Joker and would have to entertain the other Housemates.

However, a number of the boxes were empty before Biggie eventually called CoCoIce’s name and she found the Head of House crown in her box. After this, Biggie informed the Housemates that she was now the Supreme Leader and had to be referred to as “Igwe” for the rest of her time as Head of House.

Biggie also told the Housemates to stand up and bow to their new Supreme Leader, which they took great delight in doing.

Biggie thereafter, went ahead to inform CocoIce that she had absolute power over the rest of the Housemates, especially the new Joker of the House, Debie-Rise.

As the housemates congratulated her, Biggie immediately summoned her into the Diary Room where he layed out the rules for her, telling her she had to choose two teams.

The new Teams were the “Have”and the “Have Nots.” The “Have” Team will have the privilege of sleeping in the comfortable double beds, while the “Have Not” Team will be restricted to sleeping in the single beds upstairs. More so, the “Have Not” Team would be the ones to make breakfast for the rest of the Housemates.

Igwe CocoIce wasted no time in choosing herself, Debie-Rise, Bally, TBoss, Gifty, Soma and Bally as the “Have” Team while leaving the rest, including Bisola, Miyonse, Efe, Bassey, ThinTallTony and Kemen as the “Have Not” team.

One of the new entrants in the house, Debie-Rise impressed the housemates with her prowess on the guitar, even as the other Housemates had fun singing along and filling the House with beautiful sounds.

Biggie once again summoned CoCoIce into the Diary Room in her full Igwe regalia where he gave her a black book that contained take for the whole week. He however gave her strict instructions that the book should be kept secret as if it was discovered, she would lose her title of Igwe and will invariably put the whole wager of the week in complete jeopardy.

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