Ancelotti: My Training Does Not Kill My Players

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Bayern Munich manager Carlo Ancelotti says his training does not kill his players and he allows his players to rest between matches.

Some coaches are known for their high-intensity training regimes and are at risk of getting their players injured.

Pep had to play with key players sidelined when he was at Bayern Munich, but Ancelotti says rest is as important as training.

“I’m not a coach who kills his players in training,” the Italian told Kicker. “Most of the drills we do involve the ball, I don’t like running a lot without the ball, but my players average 6,000, 7,000 metres. That’s enough.

“In Spain there is a saying: ‘demasiada agua mata la planta’ – too much water kills the plant. It’s the same with training.

“The dosage must be right. You can train hard, but you have to give the body the chance to relax.”



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