9 Questions You Should Ask At That Job Interview

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Every job interview requires you to be prepared to answer all manners of questions related to your person and the job you seek. No matter how prepared you are, there’s a chance that you won’t be ready for one last hurdle of the interview stage where you are asked “So, do you have any questions for us?”

You may think that the interviewer is asking you this question as a courtesy but that is far from it. The truth is they are trying to test how much you’re interested in landing the job and how much research you’ve done about the company.

This makes it important for you to have a number of questions drawn up to ask them. Here are a number of important and thought-provoking questions to ask.

Have I answered all of your questions?
Asking this question gives you the opportunity to cover all important areas and talk about your strengths which you may not have had the chance to highlight during the course of the interview. It also helps to erase any doubt the interviewers may have about your competence and suitability for the job.

How Does A Normal Working Day Look Like?
It is an obvious question to ask as it is always good to know the amount of hours you’d be spending if you eventually get the job. The advantage of asking this question is that it shows the interviewer how eager you are to commence the job.

What Do You Enjoy About Working Here?
This question can help you build a personal connection with your interviewers and can differentiate you from other applicants. It can also help you know how enjoyable working for the organisation can be. You can proceed to ask what they don’t like and if the answer is nothing, that’s a red flag you should be on the lookout for.

How Much Are You Willing To Pay For The Position?
At a final interview, you’re allowed to be firm and go into specifics regarding the financial remuneration of the position you applied for. You can be firm about what you want at this moment that is expected to be awkward to get the best value for the services you’d be offering.

Why Is This Opening Available?
If the position you’re applying for is one that was newly created, there’s a chance that the company is growing. If a number of people have however shuffled through the job in three years, it speaks volumes about the kind of organisation you’re applying to.

Who Are The People I’d Be Working With?
Asking this provides you with information regarding the staff strength and turnover of the organisation and it can also let you know how the company is growing. A simple question like and “How many new people have you hired in the last 1 year?” can provide you with information regarding the turnover of the organisation.

Are There Opportunities For Me To Progress In My Career?
While it won’t be nice to sound over ambitious or presumptuous, asking this question demonstrates your ambition and a willingness to be around for a long time to help the company grow.

How Do You See This company In A Few Years?
This question shows that you have an interest in the goals and growth of the organisation. It also shows commitment and provides your interviewers with information on your values and how your goals align with those of the organisation.

What Is Your Definition Of Success?
Having an idea of what the managers or interviewers of the organisation you’re applying to values and the way and manner they provide feedback can give you an idea of the traditions and culture of the company you’re about to join. More so, you can easily have some knowledge of your prospective boss and his ideals.

What’s The Next Step?
This question helps you know what’s next in your job search process and when the organisation will most likely contact you. You’d show confidence and a burning desire for the job by asking this question.

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