7 Things That Can Stop You From Being Great

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Every single one of us want to be great and successful in any field or career we choose but the hard truth is not all of us will be able to get to the pinnacle of success.

While there are a number of factors such as determination, hard work, patience and perseverance that are essential to becoming great, there are also a number of other factors that are inimical to becoming successful.

Here are a number of factors that may be hindering you from becoming great and successful that you may not know about.

You Give Up Easily
Another recipe for failure is giving up easily on ventures that you go into. If you find yourself taking a step forward only to give up because too much work is involved, you’re likely not to succeed at anything good. It is essential you put in effort at something for some time, while going through the difficult phase before the positive phase comes for you to become great.

An inability to decide exactly what you want to do is similar to someone who give up easily on an idea or venture he started because both puts you in a position of failure. Being ambitious means that you have a vision of who you want to become and understand that your aspirations are nothing without having a decision on how to achieve it.

Irrespective of the field you choose to pursue in life, honesty is an important attribute to have because if you’re dishonest, people will eventually find you out. The minute people discover your dishonest ways, they will do all they can to stay away from you and also inform people of how shady you are. They will also not refer you to people in need of your services and this will be inimical to your growth.

Being lazy has little to do with spending most of your day in bed as laziness can take a number of forms including not wanting to grow or be better than you already are. Lazy people in this context can have jobs but they do nothing than pass through everyday at the job while doing nothing to make other plans or being the best at what they do. If you’re characteristically lazy, there’s little chance of you being great in life.

You Follow Popular Opinion
A sure way to being successful is following a path a lot of people have feared to thread. Unfortunately however, a lot of people focus their effort, time and attention on following popular opinions, trying to impress their friends and wanting to be like them. If you channel a lot of your energy into trying to be like someone or impress a particular group of people, there’s little chance of you improving and becoming a better person. If you must be great, you have to be willing to put in more work than everyone else that simply want to exist and pass time.

Leaving the things you ought to do at the moment for later is a sure way to be a failure. If you keep pushing what you can do today until another day, all you are doing is simply pushing your chances of success further away from you and your chances of failure closer than ever.

You Want Instant Success
If you expect success to come the instance you put in effort to a venture, your chances of being great are slim. The reason being that you’re likely to give up, do the wrong things or likely get depressed simply because you feel it’s taking too long for positive results to come in. Understand that perseverance is important in becoming successful and that it will take some time for you to get to the level you picture yourself in.



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