7 Things That Can Make Everyone You Meet Like You

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There are some people that we can’t just help but like because of the effect they have on everyone around them. From the way they respond to situations to the way in which they carry themselves, likable people make it easy for everyone they come across to appreciate and respect them.

No matter where you are, whether in the workplace, your home or on the road, getting people to like you is important. It is especially important in the workplace if you’re trying to walk your way up the ranks or form positive relationships.

Be Wary Of Your Manners
How people like or hate you will a lot of time depend on the type of interactions people get to have and don’t have with you. If you’re addicted to your phone, there’s a chance that you fall into the category of people who block people from engaging in meaningful interactions with them. While you may be tempted to reach for your phone when you’re hanging out with your friends or colleagues, try not to do so by remembering how inappropriate it is. If you’re thinking of strengthening your relationships, try to portray good manners by being more present.

Be Empathetic
Empathy is a human attribute everyone loves to see in others but very few are willing to give. It is our ability to detect, understand, and feel that another person’s emotions plays a huge part in the way we form connections and build relationships. Being empathetic influences the way people see us personally and professionally. Empathy is centred on our ability to communicate, relate and understand one another. If you struggle with being empathetic, try to keep and open mind on issues, be Inquisitive and listen to feel what people around you are feeling.

Be As Consistent As Possible
Consistency and loyalty goes hand in hand. Humans have a need for internal consistency because we always want our ideas, beliefs and attitudes to align and make sense to the people we come across. As such, when we are required to assess other people’s character, we are always on the lookout for that sense of dependability. Consistency helps to provide a sense of comfort especially when we see someone having a positive attitude everyday, irrespective of the challenges they face. Consistency will make people trust you and see you as dependable.

Know The Names Of Everyone You Meet
Failing to remember the names of people gives off a signal that you don’t care. This is especially so in the world of business where a high value is placed on introductions which is basically the starting point of turning complete strangers into acquaintances, and acquaintances into friends and customers. A good way of remembering the names of the people you meet is to play a “name game”. Say your name and those of the people you met. By repeating the names of the people you meet immediately after they introduce themselves, there’s a high chance the name will stick. Also, make a connection with the name of the person you meet. Connect the persons name with that of a TV character, a roommate or song. By drawing a parallel between the two, you’d be able to remember on the long run.

Be Inquisitive
For people to like you more usually depends on your ability to make connections with people. For this to occur, there’s a need for you to be able to engage in interesting conversations by asking and answering questions. Be Inquisitive about happenings around you and be willing to offer ideas and suggestions to everyone you meet to become more likable.

Smile A Lot
If you’re willing to have a positive relationship with others, you should always be willing to offer a smile to everyone you meet. This is because our emotional expressions, while often overlooked, are used by those around us to build perceptions. As a matter of fact, if you smile a lot, everyone you meet will most likely see you as courteous, competent and likeable.

Always Be Ready To Do Good
People tend to like those that are always ready to offer help whether solicited or unsolicited. When you do good, it influences your well-being in such a way that you’re happy and you can infect everyone around you with it. There are a lot of positive things that comes with being kind and doing good. People appreciate it and they’re always ready to reciprocate your actions. A number of random acts of kindness you can do includes volunteering, buying a random hungry person a meal, giving a random compliment and helping out any way you can.



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