What’s The Big Deal, It’s Just 60 Points… Right?

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60 points

WRONG! It’s not just 60 points.. Yeah alright, 22 different players had hit the 60 point mark in NBA games before now so why is this one special?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about yet, Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors, the other Splash brother, catch and shoot specialist, scored 60 points in the 142 -106 win over the Indiana Pacers.

Now let’s talk about why I think this was just outrageously amazing, Klay scored 60 points in 29 minutes. TWENTY NINE MINUTES! Statistically, this is insane. You can’t even score 60 points in 29 minutes on NBA 2k (I dare you). For perspective, let me bring the greatest ever scoring game in NBA history.

On the night of March 2, 1962, the late great Wilt Chamberlain became the first and only player to score 100 points in an NBA game, that’s four 12 -minute quarters. Chamberlain scored 100 points in 48 minutes, that’s 2.08 points per minute. Klay scored 60 in 29, an average of 2.07 per minute. Amazing.

Now some might say, well Kobe scored 60 on his farewell game at the end of last season, that’s true but then Kobe played for 42 minutes and took an outrageous 50 shots also. Kobe’s shot 22 of 50 from the field, 6 of 21 from the 3 point line. Klay shot 21 of 33 from the field, 8 of 14 on threes for his 60.

60 points
The Warriors bench watch as Klay Thompson goes for 60

Klay Thompson joins Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James as the only active NBA players with 60 or more points in a game and becomes the player with the highest career high on the Warriors roster as fellow superstars Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant both have career highs of 54 points. He also becomes the fourth Warrior in franchise history to put up 60 in a game, joining Wilt Chamberlain, Rick Barry and Joe Fulks.

Klay made history as the first player since the shot clock was introduced to score 60 points in less than 30 minutes.

60 points

One fun fact about the game, the Indiana Pacers has Monta Ellis guarding Klay, ironically, Monta Ellis left the Warriors to join the Pacers in 2012 and that move led to a then 22-year-old Klay’s ascent.

Take a look at his shot chart from the game.

60 Points

One can only wonder what would’ve happened if Coach Steve Kerr had let him play in the fourth quarter, would Klay have hit Wilt’s 100? or at least surpassed Kobe’s 81 points? but one thing is for sure though, Thompson now has one of the best scoring games the league has ever seen.

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