Wade: I Sacrificed My Game, More Than LeBron Did At Heats

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Dwayne Wade is gearing up for a showdown against former teammate and close friend, LeBron James and has stated he sacrificed more of his game when the pair played together at Miami.

The Bulls guard said while he and James knew someone’s game would have to suffer when they decided to pair up at Miami, it was his game that suffered the most.

He didn’t have to have a conversation with James about it because the answer was obvious to both men.

“I definitely changed mine more,” Wade said with a laugh after Thursday’s practice. “It’s not even a conversation. There’s no conversation to have. I definitely had to change mine more.”


“We all knew the sacrifice that was going to be [made],” Wade said.

“Obviously, you sit down and you talk about playing together. You think you know what’s [going to happen], you try to cover things in that moment, but then once you start playing together you realize it’s harder than what you thought.”

“But we all knew we had to sacrifice. Chris Bosh, too. He’s somebody who they don’t talk about, he had to sacrifice a lot too. But at the end of the day, we sacrificed points, article hits, but what we gained was championships, friendships and brotherhoods that last a lifetime. So I’m sure if we could do it all over again we’d do it exactly the same way.”



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