Wade Feels Bulls Putting Too Much Pressure On Butler

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Chicago Bulls star, Dwayne Wade believes the team is putting a lot of pressure on his fellow teammate, Jimmy Butler in the final quarter of games.

Wade spoke after the 107-97 loss to Washington Wizards on Wednesday, Butler shot 6-of-20 from the field and Wade believes the Bulls must be more versatile offensively in the final quarter.

“That’s putting a lot of pressure on Jimmy,” Wade said. “Let’s just call it what it is. We put a lot of pressure on Jimmy in the fourth quarter to make a lot of plays because we’re running just one action, so we got to get more action, more body movement. And it’s got to come from us as players, too. Obviously, some of it’s playcalling as well. Some of it’s we got to get out of the way, we got to move. We got to keep them honest. We’re asking the young guy to make every shot he takes with bodies in front of him, step-backs and all these things. That’s not necessarily the easiest thing to do.”

Overall, the Bulls hit just 7-for-24 over the final 12 minutes against the Wizards, who handed Chicago its seventh defeat in 10 games.

“I think so,” Wade said when asked if the team’s fourth-quarter offense is too predictable. “I think ideally we want to get to a point where we just want to move bodies, man. … Offensively, we got to be able to move bodies. It doesn’t matter if a guy knows who it’s going to. If the paint is packed because you’re running one action, then it’s going to be tough. A guy’s got to make an unbelievable shot.”



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