Saunders To Sturridge: Work Harder Or Leave Liverpool

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One time Liverpool striker Dean Saunders has charged Daniel Sturridge to either work harder or leave the club.

The striker has only made four premier league starts this season, with Origi and Firmino getting to start ahead of him.

Firmino’s off ball contributions has made him a favourite with Klopp and Saunders believes Sturridge’s lacklustre style is making him suffer.

“I think Sturridge is up there with [Sergio] Aguero, talent wise. Firmino has been playing up the middle for Liverpool because he is better at getting the ball back. Sturridge, for real cutting edge and hurting you as a striker, is up there with the best,” Saunders told Premier League Daily.

“But he just can’t stay fit and they need to get to the bottom of it because the injuries are holding his career back. He’s not getting a run of games together. Klopp has to play him up the middle, but does he react as quick as Firmino when you lose the ball? No, and that’s why Firmino plays in front of him.

“He has got more talent than all of them, but he’s got to fit into Klopp’s formula, which is: when we lose the ball, we’ve got to get it back as quick as we can.

“The No.9 that plays at the top, he’s the first man on the scene and he obviously doesn’t do it quick enough for Jurgen Klopp.”

And Saunders asserts that a failure to adapt to Klopp’s demands could spell the end for his Liverpool career.

“Sturridge has got more talent than everybody, do it or you’re going to get moved on. I think that’s going to happen in the end because if he’s not playing, he’s too good not to be playing, so in the end they’ll come to an agreement if that’s the case.

“You would have thought by now he’d be sitting there thinking “why am I not playing?” You’re not playing because you’re not working as hard as Firmino.”

Liverpool head into Tuesday’s meeting with Stoke City in third place, nine points adrift of league leaders Chelsea.



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