MMM Nigeria: Reactions Continue As Ponzi Scheme Shocks 3 Million Nigerians

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MMM Nigeria: Reactions Continue As Ponzi Scheme Shocks 3 Million Nigerians

More than 3 million Nigerians, who had planned on enjoying the Christmas celebrations by cashing out on the Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox (MMM), have been left wallowing in the gust of panic and alternatives after the controversial Ponzi scheme suspended all their accounts till 2017.

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From December 12 to January 12, none of the participants would be able to ‘get help’ (withdraw funds deposited with the mandatory 30% interest). But it is unclear if they would be able to ‘provide help’.

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As usual, Nigerians took to Twitter in the early hours of today to vent their chagrin at the shocking news. While some participants have said they were not worried about the temporary ban placed on their accounts, a lot of critics are having a good laugh.

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See tweets below:

The news is coming barely a day after the founder, Sergey Mavrodi, was quoted to have written an open letter to the Federal Government of Nigeria to justify the importance of the scheme.

In the letter, the founder had said:

“Do you want the MMM System to collapse and millions of people to suffer? Who will support them then if now MMM is their only means of livelihood? Will you? You even don’t pay wages to people? Or might you not care about them? Might you be using a trendy topic to make a good name for yourselves?

“As for your statement that “everything will collapse soon”. The system has been working in Nigeria for a year, and according to your estimates, the total number of members now is about 3 million people. In Nigeria the population is approximately 195 million. Can you calculate? Will it be “soon”?

Dear MMM Nigeria, Nigerians don’t have that patience you’re talking about. Pay me what you owe me!

— King David (@davidebun) December 13, 2016

Mannequin Challange of the Year Goes to MMM nigeria

— ♞4D Has No Chill❄❄ (@NoChill4D) December 13, 2016

Imagine if MMM Nigeria had a physical address this morning….

— HENRY Okelue (@4eyedmonk) December 13, 2016

I understand the risk. It’s boldy written on the MMM Nigeria website. I understand the risk.

Small freeze and your body is shaking.

— Attah (@AttahBr) December 13, 2016

Seems December is about to overtake January as the longest month as people await “MMM Nigeria” to unfreeze #MMMNigeria

— One with many alias (@_i_am_sanguine) December 13, 2016

Lwkmd hahahhahahaha @CharlesEnwere: Nigerians after January and MMM Nigeria doesn’t Reopen.

— Wayne_damzy (@Daamilarre) December 13, 2016

When you did not participate in MMM Nigeria

— Evangel the Phoenix (@oh_nixx) December 13, 2016

I was drinking Tea when someone called me & said that MMM Nigeria has been frozen till january.Omo,the tea started tasting like yoyo bitters

— Kunleskykushkunlesky (@Kunlesky) December 13, 2016

MMM Nigeria has crashed and I found it funny at first, but there are desperate people out there. The economy is shit,can’t blame them. Sad.

— Dami (@TheChelseaWay) December 13, 2016

Meanwhile, MMM Nigeria still maintains that there’s no need for panic, see tweets below.

Dear Mavrodians, keep calm. MMM Nigeria has not and will not crash. This is a step in the right direction. Continue to PH as usual.

— MMM Nigeria Support (@MMMNigeriaHelp) December 13, 2016

MMM Nigeria No. 1 Guider Chuddy On One Month Freezing of Confirmed Mavros

— MMM Nigeria Support (@MMMNigeriaHelp) December 13, 2016



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