Meet Brazil-Based Nigerian Artiste Lumi

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Meet Lumi, A Nigerian born, Brazilian resident making waves on the music talent hunt program, “The Voice Brazil”, which is currently in its 5th episode in the South-American country.
Lumi was born Patrick Olumide Obafemi, on the 21st of October, 1983, in Lagos, Nigeria. After he completed his secondary education in Nigeria, he decided like some of his peers to further his education abroad, in search of greener pastures. In 2005, Lumi got a scholarship to study Mechanical Engineering in Brazil.
While in school, he had to make ends meets somehow, which was when he decided to delve into music, which until then was just a hobby. A crude talent, he decided to refine himself, by taking to the internet and learning various techniques, he also took a few classes to help better his already existent gift. It didn’t take long for his perseverance to pay off, he soon became a household name in many of the nightclubs all around Brazil. A mix of Western pop culture tainted with African Razzmatazz, and an impeccable stage presence, Lumi is the complete showman!
In 2016, he decided to enter for the talent show which is making waves worldwide “The Voice”, ( The Brazilian version is known as the “The Voice Brazil”), where he had the crowd dancing during his blind auditions when he sang Omi’s cheerleader. He integrated himself into Claudia Leitte’s team (Remember her in the Brazilian World cup’s team song along PitBull and J.Lo).
In the Battle, he was pitched against Alexey Martinez, a Cuban and together they sang “Bailando” (ironically, a song of Cuban origin), but Lumi gave so much of a show that even when he wasn’t chosen by Claudia, he was quickly saved by another coach “Carlinhos Brown”. Our homeboy was so filled with emotions that he couldn’t hold his tears backs.
Lumi is now in the Live stages, and the decision is entirely based on popularity. Let’s put our support behind our own.  We are used to hearing or reading about Nigerians committing various criminal acts and dubious atrocities in foreign countries, so when one of ours is in the news for a commendable feat in diaspora, we should bring out our drums and rejoice with our own kind.
PS: Lumi graduated with Honors in Mechanical Engineering but has chosen to follow up with his steadily rising musical career.

Instagram: lumiofficial
YouTube: LumiOfficial

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