Indian College Bans Students From Wearing Ripped Jeans, Says It Mocks The Poor

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ripped jeans

St, Xavier college in India has banned its students from wearing ripped jeans in their college campus.

The college issued the notice publicly earlier this week, and several students who were found wearing ripped jeans were stopped outside the college gate by security. According to the school, the ban was introduced after a few professors mentioned that it has become an embarrassment in the class.

The principal, Agnelo Menezes, also said that ripped jeans make a mockery of the poor. “Torn clothes are worn by the poor because they have no choice and one cannot make it a fashion statement,” He said. “Students should be a little more professional in their approach in their college. A business school will never allow such clothes on the campus. Students can make use of all the fashion outside the college campus,” said the principal.

The college, which is run by an order of Catholic priests already has a strict dress code, including a ban on sleeveless blouses and shirts, shorts and short skirts.

Agnelo Menezes added that a dress code has been part of the institute’s rules and regulations since its inception.

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