Happening Today: #FitFamFest2016 At Landmark Event Centre (Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition & Lots of Fun)

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Drop everything you are doing today and attend FitFamFest2016!

Its the most exciting fun & fitness festival dedicated to all things fitness, wellness, nutrition and fun!and you can attend for FREE!

It is going to be a celebration of fitness and wellness attracting men, women and children of all ages.

Expect top notch trainers and fitness enthusiasts will converge in one place to throw out an array of fitness and beauty activities that would make Lagos the fitness capital of Africa.

Venue:  Landmark Event Center, Oniru

Time: 10:00 am

Date: Sunday 11th, December 2016.

Being a part of the Fitfam Fest is your opportunity to meet with consumers of all things Fitness, Fitness enthusiasts and industry professionals.

A chance to reach the lucrative fitness market, expand your personal network and build meaningful business relationships that will affect your bottom line positively!

For its first edition, FitFam™ Fest will have a showcase of 50+ Healthy Food vendors, 50+ Fitness Exhibitors, 20+ Fitness Events, 10+ Fitness and Wellness speakers, 50+ Fitness and Wellness Conference sessions and 5 Nutrition Chefs at the FitFam Nutrition Masterclass.

Get ready to have a lot of fun as you start your “Journey to Fitness”!

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Watch the infomercial below

Come with your family and friends! Healthy fun for everyone!

For more infomation, visit www.fitfamfest.com

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