“I Didn’t Know Children Could Die” Says Woman Who Abandoned Her Toddlers With No Food For Nine Days

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nine days

A 20-year-old Ukrainian, Vladislava Podchapko, is facing possible jail time over child neglect after she abandoned her two kids, 1-year-old Daniil and 2-year-old Anna, with no food for nine days.

nine days
Daniil and Anna

The younger Daniil died from hunger six days in and his elder sister Anna remained alone in the flat with her brother’s body for another three days. She was found unconscious from starvation when the negligent mother finally returned and was rushed to a nearby hospital. “The girl was exhausted, she was very weak,” said a doctor involved in her treatment. “She was immediately taken into hospital where we started intravenous feeding. She is better now and we can say that she will live. We have started her on tiny amounts of solid food.”

The mother has been detained and faces up to eight years in prison for child neglect. When she was confronted by police, she replied: “I didn’t know that children could die”

nine days
Vladislava Podchapko

The two kids had reportedly made been trying to get out of the locked apartment, pulling at the front door and crying for help, but none came. Some neighbors, who had heard them crying, claimed that they called the police but they failed to respond, leaving the children locked in for over a week.

Social media comments on her Facebook page demand that Vladislava should face the death penalty for neglecting her children.

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