De Boer: Inter Lacks Patience And Organisation

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Frank De Boer says Inter Milan has no leadership in their hierarchy and lack organisation.

The former Ajax manager was appointed as Mancini’s replacement two weeks before the season started, and was sacked after 85 days on the job. He left the club languishing at 12th on the table.

Stefano Pioli was hired as his replacement, but the capital club still lacks consistency and are also out of the UEL.

De Boer has criticised Inter for their lack of patience and organisation, insisting they need to evaluate the situation carefully.

“It’s very simple. Internazionale have Chinese people who are the boss, an Indonesian chairman and then there is the board of directors, which are all Italians,” De Boer told Ziggo Sport.

“They all have the power, but none of them really has the power. That is the biggest problem of Internazionale.

“They seem to really like this situation, but first there ought to be a good look at internal organisation.

“Everybody wants to get back at the top, but that takes time. Look at Napoli, who are playing Champions League now. But it took them eight years to reach that level. At Inter they wanted to be at the top in two weeks and it just doesn’t work like that.”



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