Anthony Joshua Plans To Break Molina Down Round After Round

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British boxer Anthony Joshua has stated he will take his time against Eric Molina, and if the time to deliver a knockout presents itself, he’ll do just that.

The IBF heavyweight champion is defending his belt for the second time and will take on the American this Saturday in Manchester.

Molina has stated earlier his goal is to knockout AJ, but the undefeated Brit is also looking to.end the bout early if possible.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: “We’ve heard Molina say that he is looking for that one-shot knockout, anyone who weighs 17/18 stone has that one pop shot.

“He also said that he’s spotted three or four weaknesses in me, well I’ve spotted 10 or 13 in him so first come first served.

“Both of us possess power, but it’s that killer instinct now, once I sense someone is hurt I try and finish the job. On Saturday night, it’s about who is first to the punch, I’ve got to be on my guard and have good balance off the line so I’m not getting caught too much.

“I’m in it for a 12-round fight, I’m not trying to get him out in a round or two, I need to be clever and break him down round by round, then when the opportunity comes, take it.”



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