Inside Story: How The Indimi’s Messy Scuffle At Aso Villa Triggered Buhari’s Daughter Marriage Postponement

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Zahra Buhari weds Ahmed

There are strong indications that the planned high profile marriage ceremony between Zahra Buhari, and Ahmed Indimi, may have been postponed due to the physical altercation that ensued during the delivery of several stacked dowry boxes valued at N44 million (using the official exchange rate) to the first family.

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While Nigerians were left dumbfounded to hear that President Muhammadu Buhari has postponed the wedding ceremony between his daughter and Ahmed Indimi, the son of an oil magnate from Borno State, Mohammed Indimi, many were not aware of the messy fight that made the president take such decision.

Zahra takes a selfie with her father, President Muhammadu Buhari
Zahra takes a selfie with her father, President Muhammadu Buhari

Daily Trust had earlier announced that the wedding was slated for today, 2nd of December 2016 and to be held in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

However, This Day gathered that trouble started on November 18, during the traditional introduction ceremony, when the sister of the groom, Yataka Indimi, insisted on taking her mobile phone into the Presidential Villa, Abuja, contrary to security protocol.

Sources close to the polity squealed to the online newspaper that in line with the Hausa/Fulani tradition, the boxes, contained cash, jewelry, clothes, bags, shoes and other gifts valued at several millions of naira for Zahra and the first family.

It was learnt that Yakata planned on recording all the proceedings, including the delivery of the boxes made by the French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, with her mobile phone – which in totality went against the standard security protocol in the villa.

When accosted by the security officials to comply with the protocol, Yakata, it was gathered, resisted and then a scuffle ensued.

The incident attracted the attention of other dignitaries who tried to stop the scuffle.

According to a reliable family source, the argument degenerated to a scuffle, compelling the wife of the Nasarawa State governor, Mrs. Tanko Almakura, to step in to stop the altercation from getting out of hand and may have injured her arm in the process.

“As of today, we learnt that the Nasarawa first lady is still nursing her wounds and is being treated for a dislocation,” the source said.

It was learnt that following the embarrassing incident, the president, who was apparently peeved, threatened to return the boxes and stop the marriage ceremony that had been scheduled to climax on Sunday, December 4.

“We learnt that the president who was displeased with the development and behaviour exhibited by the Indimi family, vowed to return the boxes and not approve of the marriage.

“The president was also of the view that the gifts were too expensive and incompatible with his modest lifestyle and has asked the Indimis to take the boxes back.

“I think we must give it to the president for taking this stand, and cementing his reputation for not tolerating indiscipline,” a source close to the presidency said.

However, elders close to the Buhari and Indimi families are at the moment trying to prevail on the president not to return the boxes, as he would be bucking tradition.

They are also working on resolving the tension that has arisen since the altercation, so that the wedding could go ahead as planned, if not this weekend, then as soon as possible.

Further findings revealed that while Buhari might not be favourably disposed to the idea of marrying out his daughter to a wealthy suitor, the wife of the president and her daughters, who are more liberal, are rooting for the marriage.



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