Woman Sues Transgender Daughter For Undergoing Gender Reassingment

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A Minnesota woman is suing her 17-year-old transgender daughter for having gender reassignment surgery.

The woman, Anmarie Calgaro filed a lawsuit against her teenage daughter, two non-profit health providers, local officials and a school district according to reports.

Ms Calgaro in a press conference streamed on Facebook, announced her decision as she told reporters, “It was brought to my knowledge that my son began receiving hormone replacement treatment to transition from male to female, with medical assistance paying for this. I was not consulted or informed about this in anyway.”

“As a mother, I know his emotional and physical needs in a way no one else can. I also have a commitment to him that no-one else has. I feel that not only was I robbed of the opportunity to help and guide my son make good decisions but I also feel he was robbed of a key advocate in his decisions- his mother. I’m taking this action in the benefit of all parents and families who may be facing the same violation of their rights, so that they and others in the future may be spared the same tragic events.”


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