These Tips Will Make You Look Much Better In A Suit

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Looking sharp in a suit is not rocket science. Paying attention to details can go a long way in determining how dapper you look. From fashion accessories such as Ties, Cufflinks to the shoulder hems of the jacket and the pant trousers, every single detail of a suit can be the difference between looking good and terrible.

These are some of the things that you should do right to ensure that you look better, get heads turning and tongues wagging.

Style Your Hair
Try to keep your short and as trim as possible. Go for a natural look that is refined and relaxed exactly the way your suit appears. While not much is required to style your hair, you should invest small funds in styling products that can prevent your scalp from getting dry and also provide your hair with light shine. Products containing aloe vera gel and coconut oil are good options as they can help to condition your hair.

Your Eyes
The older you get, the more prone you are to having bags and dark circles beneath your eyes. You can keep them at bay by staying more hydrated and getting more sleep time. Furthermore, there are some eye creams that helps to keep the sensitive skin around your eyes hydrated and moisturized. Creams containing caffeine can also help to reduce puffiness, improve blood flow and brighten up your skin. A recent report published in The Dermatology Review found eye creams containing caffeine to be more effective at treating symptoms than regular eye cream moisturizers.
You can also reduce the bags under your eyes by wearing under-eye patches a few times a week to help lighten the area.

Your Skin
You may be wondering what your skin has to do with you looking great in a suit but the truth is, your skin is one of the things people are most concerned about when it comes to your appearance. Do all you can to clear any patches, redness or signs of aging and you will look much more sleeker.

Concentrate on having a smooth skin with subtle creams that won’t be harsh on your skin. Go for creams with ingredients that moisturise the skin and helps you appear in a natural healthy glow that people will love to see.

Get Your Beards Trim
Maintaining beards can require more effort than shaving off your beards everyday. While you don’t have to overly manicure your face, you can always maintain your looks in a way that people will appreciate your looks. The way your beards align with your stylish and casual suit is one way to accentuate your look.

You should try and have your barber trim off the hair on your neck anytime you go in for shave. Remember not to trim the hair too short north of where the chin meets the neck. One good way to have a sharp beard look is to allow your beard cover the entire underside of your chin. This helps to create the illusion of a stronger jawline.

Your Suit
Since we are in the tropics, it is essential you choose materials that can help you stay cool in the heat. You can also switch your designs from a standard notched lapel to a peak lapel. Peak lapels are much more formal and and also give people a clue about your style.

Ensure that your suits are made from lightweight fabric and enjoy the cool appearance they provide in hot weathers. Avoid materials like wool or cotton which are unbeatable materials and ensure the material you choose is classic and formal.

Your suit should however be the focal point of your appearance. Choose a tie and shirt that will not compete for attention. A white shirt and black tie will always be stylish and acceptable.



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