Three Women To Make History As The First Nigerians To Participate In The Winter Olympic Games

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Earlier this year, the Nigerian Paralympics team made the country proud at the Paralympics and now three women are planning to do one better and make history.

Seun Adigun, Ngozi Onwumere and Akuoma Omeoga, three Nigerian women based in the United States are the three members of a Bobsled team who plan to make history as being the first Nigerians participating in the Winter Olympic Games in 2018. African countries rarely participate in the Winter Olympic Games due to the weather conditions. Only three African countries have previously participated in the games, Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

The Nigerian bobsled team have started a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise the funds for their Olympic dream as well as drum up awareness between now and 2018.

Seun Adigun, who refers to the project as her ‘gift to Nigeria’, said: “The success of this bobsled team will positively affect millions of people all over the world and will represent monumental international advancements in social, athletic, and economic statuses. Together, we can demonstrate that nothing is impossible with a little faith, support and willingness to persevere.”

Seun Adigun


Between now and the 2018 Winter Games, the team needs to raise $150,000 to successfully execute their historic run. The money would be used to fund the following:

  • A bobsled for practice and competition
  • Sled Runners (blades on the base)
  • Tools for the sled
  • Ice time for practice
  • Cost of shipping the sled to different tracks
  • Transportation, lodging, travel expenses
  • Winter gear, including shoes, jackets, spikes, and travel bags
  • Team competition gear – helmets, uniforms, practice gear e.t.c
  • Athlete insurance
  • Miscellaneous (registration and membership fees)


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