The 100 Funniest Vines Of All Time – Part 1

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Last month, Twitter revealed one of the most shocking news of the year: they were shutting down Vine.

Twitter had bought Vine in October 2013 for $30 million. With its six-second span, Vine became a hub for creatives, and with many comedians springing up.

As Vine’s shutdown approaches, we’d honor the service by looking at some of the funniest Vines ever posted, from Nigeria Viners such as SamTakesOff, to Americans such as King Bach.

This post will be broken down into 10 parts, with each part containing 10 vines. Let’s go!

1. Bobby Shmurda shouldn’t have caught a body about a week ago

2. No one ever had a better excuse for getting crossed off the court.

3. The What Are Those trend gets a holy spin.

4. Just so you know, Samuel Ebuoe doesn’t speak a word of Korean.

5. What’s victory in a race compared to success in a Vine trend?

6. There are a ton of Zach King vines in this thread. Not because he’s super hilarious. But because he constantly blows our minds away. Like this.

7. Just in case you didn’t get why exactly we love Zach King, so we brought him back to back, No Drake.

8. You know when you drop that awesome post but haters don’t like it? Yeah you gotta do it yourself.

9. Internet Slangs Origin: On Fleek.

10. From footballer to Mortal Kombat character, real f**king quick.



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