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I stumbled on an on-going activity by TECNO Mobile MySpecialOne and it has been termed #MySpecialOne.

It is an initiative created to emphasize the special bond you have with your loved ones by uploading your picture alongside your special one, writing that heart-warming caption and downloading the picture or better still; sharing it on your different social media platforms.


The TECNO Phantom 6 has recorded massive sales, so TECNO sought to create an avenue that will engage fans and customers beyond the generation of sales by making them connect with that special one.


The strategy behind this initiative is to leverage on the love Nigerians are known to give their loved ones, except that this is done in a rather different way. This time; you are letting the whole world know.

The meme generator is available via a microsite customized for both desktop and mobile users. Additionally, users are allowed to create their own memes and download them, as well as share them directly to their social media platforms.


Just like the ‘Straight Outta Somewhere’ campaign that was bore out of the ‘Straight Outta Compton’ movie, which was directed at showcasing how proud people are of where they come from, TECNO added a twist to this one. This activity helps you to connect with that special someone by uploading your pictures and writing that special message to someone that means more than the world to you.

It is obvious that this activity is primarily associated with Phantom 6, and especially because of the dual back camera feature it comes with. This is because one of the cameras at the back is solely used for refocus, and as we can see in the sample pictures above, there are evidences of blur and refocus.

While the Phantom 6 is known to help you focus on only the things that matter the most to you, these memes will help you in expressing your hearts even further. Here is to the future of making your special one feel like the only one in the world.

The website to visit is


Tonia Soares

Tonia Soares

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  1. Nice idea as always.
    They keep warming their way into our hearts with stuffs like this.
    Let me go and create one for that special someone.

  2. I like the reasoning behind this. “Focusing on things that matter”
    It’s a life lesson too. One shouldn’t spend time on things that aren’t important.
    Will check the link and see how creative I can be.

  3. While it’s nice to celebrate our special ones, it’s also good to focus on things that matters. Two messages I think this activity is passing out.

  4. This concept is nice. We get to celebrate our loved ones by showing the world and telling them how special these people are.

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