A Spin-Off Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ About A Young Sheldon Cooper Is In The Works

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Big Bang

Television network, CBS along with the Warner Bros company are reportedly creating a spin-off of hit television sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory‘.

The spin-off would be based on the live of a young Sheldon Cooper, one of the main characters on the show.

Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon on the show is going to be the executive producer of the upcoming spin-off, along with The Big Bang Theory producers, Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro.

Co-creator of The Big Bang Theory, Bill Prady is also likely to be involved in production in some capacity.

The script will reportedly be focused on a 12-year-old Sheldon, growing up in Texas with his family and his overwhelming genius. Hopefully, we get to see his elder brother George, more of his twin sister, Missy, his alcoholic father, George Cooper and his christian mother, Mary Cooper, a recurring character in The Big Bang franchise.

Big Bang
Sheldon and his mother, Mary Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

The spin-off is still in its early stages so fingers crossed.


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