Smoking And Four Other Things That Are Making Your Breasts Sag

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The breasts are part of a woman’s body that have different meanings and functions to different people which may be the reason why a lot of women give it special attention.

Asides the fact that breasts are a source of food for infants, men see it as a sex organ that makes sex more pleasurable. More so, research shows fondling of the breasts is a quick way for a lot of women to orgasm.
Boobs also have a serious impact on women’s self esteem, and how attractive men estimate a woman to be. For a lot of men, the bigger and firmer the boobs, the better which makes a lot of women do their best to make their boobs look firm by using push-up bras.

Breasts tend to sag naturally with childbirth, breastfeeding and age but their are some activities that can increase the likelihood of a woman experiencing saggy boobs.

Smoking not only affects the functionality and efficiency of organs such as the lungs, but they can also affect the breasts of women who indulge in this pastime. No matter how little you smoke, there’s a chance that your skin will be affected as smoking reduces the amount of blood supplied to the skin surface. Smoking also weakens the ligaments that hold the breasts, which could ultimately lead to sagging.

Improperly Managed Breastfeeding
A woman’s breasts will most likely sag after pregnancy and breastfeeding due to the release of hormones that secret milk and also increases the size of the breasts. The assumptions that the way a baby draws the nipples when suckling the mothers breasts can make it lose firmness and become droopy later on is false.

In fact, some people assume that with the way the baby draws the nipples in the process of suckling the mother’s breasts, the breasts would lose firmness and end up being droopy afterwards. Women can actually retain the firmness of their breasts after breastfeeding, depending on how the woman manages the breasts during and after the period.

During pregnancy, a woman can prevent saggy boobs afterwards by changing the size of her bra as her breasts increases in size. Using the right bra size at every stage is important as the boobs require firm bras for support.
Furthermore, Breastfeeding itself doesn’t make the boobs sag.

Using the right bra size and taking lots of fluid while breastfeeding can prevent sagging. As soon as the milk stops flowing, it is also good for the woman to go back her normal bra size. All these will prevent saggy boobs, after pregnancy and childbirth.

Using The Wrong Bra Size
Using the right Bra sizes also have a good influence on whether a woman’s boobs remain firm or not. Women with relatively big breasts who do not use bras that can lift and keep their breasts in position will most likely have saggy mammary glands.

Wearing bras that also allow the boobs shake, bounce around and appear buxom encourage boobs to lose their firmness. The more they bounce around, the more the skin of the breasts and collagen become stressed and this results in sagging. As such, wear the right types of bras to keep them in shape.

Wrong Exercise Routines
While exercising is good as there are exercises that make the breasts firm such as doing push-ups and lifting dumbbells. Some exercises however affect the firmness of the boobs especially running. Research has shown that a woman wearing a fitted sports bra for a run would cause them to move up and down, leading to the breakdown of the connecting tissues, which in turn causes sagging.
Weightlifting can help to make the boobs firm as it strengthens the muscles underlying them.

Having A Crash Diet
Obese women or those looking to lose weight are usually affected by this factor because they do anything to lose weight which can in turn make their boobs lose firmness. In the process of losing weight, the boobs give up cats and some ligaments especially if the crash diet is deficient of calcium-building elements and fats. Not eating a balanced diet, especially when losing weight can make the boobs sag.

More so, losing and gaining weight can make breast tissues slack just as excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun which can stretch out the connective tissues of the breasts and damage skin.

In effect, doing the right things during pregnancy, breastfeeding, eating balanced diet and in reasonable quantity, avoiding too much exposure to sunlight, staying away from smoking and the right exercises can reduce sagging.



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