Scores Killed As Multiple Deadly Bombings Rip Through Iraqi Cities

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At least two dozen people have been killed in a string of attacks that rocked Iraq’s northern Salahuddin province as well as the capital, Baghdad, local media outfits said on Sunday.

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The Arabic-language al-Sumaria TV network reported on Sunday morning that a suicide bomber set off his explosives at a checkpoint in the south of the city of Tikrit, Salahuddin’s provincial capital.

Other media reports claimed that the assailant had been riding a bomb-laced ambulance during the morning rush hour and that Iraqi forces had imposed a curfew in the area after the incident.

This is even as another car bomb went off at a car park for Shia pilgrims visiting al-Askari Mosque in the vicinity of a hospital in the province’s city of Samarra, located some 50 kilometers south of Tikrit, Kurdish-language NRT News television said.

At least 21 people were killed in the two explosions.

In separate incidents, two booby traps went off in two neighborhoods in the Iraqi capital, killing three people and injuring 13 others.

Khalid Kelly reported to have blown himself up in vehicle attack near Islamic State stronghold of Mosul
Khalid Kelly reported to have blown himself up in vehicle attack near Islamic State stronghold of Mosul [@Raqqa_SL/Twitter]
In the same vein, an Irish former altar boy has become the latest suicide bomber to blow himself up as part of Islamic State’s furious defence of Mosul, its last major stronghold in Iraq.

Khalid Kelly, born Terrence Edward in south Dublin in 1967, converted to Islam while serving a jail term in Saudi Arabia for illegally brewing homemade alcohol.

Photos of him standing with a rifle, handheld radio and baseball cap in front of a suicide attack vehicle circulated on social media soon after the attack.

The new wave of terror attacks come amid a surge in terror activities by Daesh, which has been taking severe blows from Iraqi forces in the areas under its control.



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