This Is The Right Way To Quit Your Job

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There comes a time when you want to move on to better things and you just can’t do so without letting go of your past.

And by this, you know you have to quit the job that you’ve held on to for a while and you’re finding it difficult to do so because of the fond memories you have of the place. On the other hand, it could be that you’re frustrated with the job and you just know you have to quit.

Whatever your reasons are for quitting a job, it is important that you do so as gracefully as possible and avoid destroying relationships while you do so. This is because it may have a huge impact on the future of your career.

Why Are You Quitting Your Job?
Before you turn in your resignation letter, ask yourself some serious questions regarding why you’re leaving. Doing this introspection will not only help you determine your source of career unhappiness but also save you from years of misery and boredom. You may discover on the long run that your new job is also boring and unfulfilling and this may result in you ending up in the same place again.

If you are yet to get another job offer and you’re thinking of quitting, you may want to ask yourself if you’re financially able to support yourself during the process of hunting for another one. While it may be tempting to want to turn in your resignation letter when things aren’t going well at work, you should be sure that you have put a lot of thought into whether it is worth it for you to quit and if you would be better off leaving the job you have.

Can You Correct The Problem?
Quitting on impulse may seem like the right thing to do but you should pause to ask yourself some questions. Will leaving your job resolve the problem? And “are there things you can do to fix the situation without quitting? If it is possible for you, try and talk things over with a direct supervisor.

You can let them know the way you feel and you want to find a way to resolve things. If you’re lucky, there may be options available for you to follow that you never knew about because of the fact that you’re feeling awful.

Give Adequate Notice
If you however decide to go ahead and quit your job, your manager or direct supervisor should be the first to know. This is to make sure that you’re the first person your boss hears the news from. If you have a better opportunity lined up, be sure to give enough time and that is usually about 2 weeks or more. It is however important that you check the policy of the company you work for especially through the human resources department.

If you’d be breaking the news directly to your Boss in person, it is best for you to follow up the news with an email or resignation letter, specifying your end date.

Transition Smoothly
Within the time you gave, you should do all you can to finish all outstanding tasks and if you can’t, leave instructions for the person taking over for you regarding how to go about completing the tasks in your absence. Finish off as many of your tasks as you possibly can before you leave, and if possible, leave instructions for the person filling in for you.

Discuss with your boss regarding the handling of important details such as passwords and codes and whom you should transfer such information to. If you happen to have your successor takes charge before you leave, train them in a way that their transition will be a smooth one.

Never Burn Bridges
This is perhaps the single most important thing as it is important you’re gracious no matter the circumstances surrounding your exit. This is even more important if you’d be staying in the same professional field as you never know where and when you might end up working with the same individuals in the future.

Acting gracious can allow you leave your job and enter a new one on a clean slate. There’s a whole world out there for you and diplomacy is essential if you’re to survive in your chosen career field.



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