Here Is The Real Reason Gerrard Retired

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Gerrard names best Liverpool game: Captain proud of 2006 FA Cup final display

His inability to deliver a performance at the very top level is why Steven Gerrard has decided to retire from football.

The midfield veteran, who played for Liverpool and LA Galaxy, retired at 36, after winning one uefa champions league, UEFA cup, two FA cups and three League cups over his 18-year career.

“There’s a few reasons why I’ve called it a day,” he told BT Sport. “You’re aware of this time coming towards the end.

“Your body starts talking to you, the aches and the pains get more regular, the way you feel out there on the pitch changes, over the last few years I’ve found myself slowing down a little bit.

“I basically can’t deliver what I used to be able to deliver, and that becomes a little bit frustrating as time goes on.

“And also I’ve listened to people over the years, important people in the game who I trust and have a lot of respect for have said to me ‘always go with a tiny bit left, never over-stay your welcome and play on too long where it becomes embarrassing’. I can feel that’s not too far away so now is the right time.

“There wasn’t one moment, I think it was more a period. I think my last three or four months at the Galaxy I was getting too many injuries. I didn’t really feel as sharp as I used to, the games were becoming more challenging.

“The altitude, the heat, the humidity, the travel were effecting me, so it was more of a period rather than one particular moment. Having said that, I’ve had a few moments in the last six months where I’ve thought ‘I didn’t play well today’ or ‘that guy got the better of me’ and I don’t like saying that to myself, so now is the right time.”

Gerrard was believed to have been considering a return to Anfield, working behind the scenes with his former club, and the Liverpool legend had nothing but positives to say about his boyhood team.

“Liverpool means the world to me,” he added. “I started supporting the club at a very young age, a lot of my family are Reds, the way the club shaped me and treated me from a young age and turned me into a decent human being and a good footballer I’ve got a lot to thank them for.”

Gerrard also revealed he intends to juggle TV punditry with learning the coaching ropes as he has “dreams and aspirations” of being a manager in the future.



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