You Probably Don’t Know You’re Ruining Your Joints With These Activities

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There used to be a time when joint problems especially those of the knees and ankles were an exclusive preserve of older aged men but that is no longer the case.

In the world of today, orthopaedic surgeons are beginning to see men below the age of 40 for joint replacements. Health Statistics show that the number of men between the age of 45 to 54 requiring hip replacements has more than doubled within the last ten years by about 200 percent.

The reason for this is being attributed to people trying their best to stay active as they age. More so, the implants of today tend to last longer than they used to which makes it an option for younger age individuals since surgeons don’t have to be worried about having to replace them. But despite the effectiveness of surgeries, it’s best to stay healthy and stick to natural joints, isn’t it?

Here are some of the mistakes we make that ruin our joints and how we can avoid destroying them.

You Run Mostly
A lot of the times, men that require a replacement of their joints usually have good cardiovascular health but have poor physical health. If you run most of the time, there’s a chance that you will have imbalances as regards your flexibility and muscle strength. When you add this to repetitive trauma over time, you run the risk of developing arthritis which may cause your joints to wear away.

Thus, it is important that you cross-train. Certain muscle groups like those you make use on long and slow jogs should be given a break once or twice a week while you activate new muscles such as the ones you make use of when you sprint. Doing this can help to find of injury and protect your joints.

Pushing Your Flexibility Beyond Its Limit
Undergoing intense workout sessions and running at high speeds are not the only way through which you can injure your joints. Certain types of exercise positions and doing yoga can be a good way of boosting your strength and flexibility. You should however watch it as anything that is extreme, especially when it comes to the range of motion can be disastrous.

Reaching for a pose that will overstretch your body or doing a pose your body is not ready to handle can have serious negative effects on your joints and put you at risk of joint injury.

Putting your body through a range of extreme motions can create projections along a bone’s edges known as bony spurs which may predispose you to arthritis.

While you shouldn’t skip exercising all together, it’s best to stick to a routine that has modifications that are exactly tailored for your body. Also learn to give yourself time before trying any routine you know your body isn’t ready for.

Reduce Your Weight
As you jog or run, your knee joints carry about 7 to 9 times of your body weight. Naturally, the body can handle this weight but some research suggests that people that jog and run often are not an increased risk of osteoarthritis and other joint related problems.

However, increased weight is a lot of stress from a biomechanical standpoint. As a matter of fact, research conducted in the UK found that people who were overweight had a 40 percent risk of having their knee replacement buckle and requiring a new one as time goes by as opposed to people with normal weights.

You Stop Stretching
It is important you achieve a good balance between strength and flexibility especially as you grow older. It is important you spend as much time as you can stretching and strengthening your muscles especially when you cross the age of 40.

The reason why this is important is that the older you get, the less flexible your muscles become and flexible muscles can go a long way in keeping your joints mobile.



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