New Ride-Sharing, Charter Service ‘Soole’ Coming To Lagos

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A technology firm, IWorld Transit Services Limited, in conjunction with Lagos taxi drivers and a number of other public transport operators and regulators have introduced a new transport scheme for ride-sharing, shuttle and charter services.

The service, which will run on a newly developed transportation app called Soole, is expected to compete with Uber, according to the firm.

The Group Managing Director, IWorld Transit Services Limited, Mr. Charles Ojo, at a press conference to announce the introduction of the service in Lagos said that the app would operate under the category of taxi/cab, ride-sharing, shuttle and charter services. According to him, the ride sharing service, which is also known as car-pooling, is unique and will allow professionals in Lagos metropolis to commute on week days from home to work, and vice versa, in a secure environment. It will provide them the opportunity to network and form an exclusive community.

“The app is linked to over 400 trained taxi drivers in Lagos State. It is adapted to our cab operations. It is not metered, hence no surprises. It is based on negotiation, which makes it favorable for both driver and passenger. The services are not charged per hour and all payments for now are made electronically through the app. This alone authenticates the services and the status of the driver. The over 400 cabs under the taxi/cab services can be located in any part of Lagos State.” Mr Ojo said.

He added that Soole registered drivers are screened and identified with various taxi parks across the state. “We are starting operations with Lagos, but in due course, the services will be extended to Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Abuja and other major cities in Nigeria”.

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