The KKK Is Planning A Victory Parade For Donald Trump In North Carolina

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Donald trump

In North Carolina, a chapter of the white supremacist group, the Klu Klux Klan a.k.a the K.K.K, The Loyal White Knights have announced plans for a “Victory Klavalkade Klan Parade” to honor the new United States President-Elect Donald Trump on December 3.


The announcement was accompanied by a message on the group’s website that read “Trump = Trump’s Race United My People” and a picture of Donald Trump surrounded by the words “President of the United States.”Donald trump


According to the Anti-Defamation League, the Loyal White Knights are “perhaps the most active Klan group in the United States today,” with 150-200 estimated members.

The organization says there are still “approximately 3,000 Klan members nationwide, as well an additional but unknown number of associates and supporters.”

The Loyal White Knights didn’t say exactly where they intend to hold the victory parade or provide any additional information about the event beyond what was mentioned on its website.


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