Henry Confident Ibrahimovic Will Start Bagging Goals

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For someone known for his goalscoring prowess, Ibrahimovic has gone too many matches without fishing the ball from the net.

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Thierry Henry believes the former PSG striker has the mental strength and character to overcome his struggles.

The former Arsenal striker played alongside the Manchester United striker at Barcelona and has backed him to recover from his drought.

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Speaking on Monday Night Football, Henry said: “All the questions have been about Jose Mourinho and Wayne Rooney but now they are about Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“It’s the first time he’s found himself in this situation in his career.

“He usually puts them in the back of the net because this doesn’t happen to him often.

“He’s going to have to deal with it. I know he has the character and the ability to deal with it but it will be better for him if it happens sooner rather than later.”

However, since netting in United’s derby defeat to Man City in September, he has scored just once in 10 matches in all competitions.

When asked if Ibrahimovic’s goal scoring drought would be affecting his confidence, Henry said: “It does, especially when your team doesn’t win.

“Sometimes it’s okay if you don’t score but your team still wins but he knows he’s had great opportunities to score goals in important games.

“Yes, it does affect you but I would still back him to deliver for United because of the player he was and he is still,” he added.

“It hasn’t happened for him recently for United, but he needs to find a way to score goals because they need that.

“Does it affect him? Yes, he’s a human being but he has the right tools in his mind to recover from that.”



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