Coke Studio Africa: Original Song For Episode 5, Waje and Serge Beynaud

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waje-Coke Studio

A combination of Nigerian power vocalist Waje and Ivorian Coupe-Decale, singer, Serge Beynaud would result in an Emotional Takeover!

Yesoo! Emotion ti take over! In a powerful urban hip-hop soul song, flavored with traditional elements, Waje and Serge sing a love tune, “You and Me”, that moves straight into your heart.

With soul-stirring lyrics and a passionate delivery, the song is the type you want playing over and over again in your head.

Produced by Uganda and East Africa’s top producer, Bushingtone, “You and Me” offer music lovers that zest that is absent in most songs today.

Serge Beynaud and Waje

The song, “You and Me” was first performed on the set of the ongoing Coke Studio Africa 4 during the fifth episode.


The song is anticipated to rock the African continent in a matter of days.

Watch The Video – Waje & Serge Beynaud in You and Me for Coke Studio Africa

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