These Beers Have The Weirdest Ingredients And You Should Have A Taste In Your Lifetime

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A lot of men love their beers and for good reasons too. It not only serves to make them happy but can also encourage male bonding. Some men however love it so much that they can drink it out of laziness, boredom or whatever reasons their minds can fathom. Whatever the case may be, beers have come to stay in our lives.

A lot of beer lovers however don’t know that there are a wide array of beers that exist containing a number of ‘additives’ which differentiates them from the typical, regular beers they are used to. Some Beer companies such as Dogfish Brewery have brought a totally new concept to beer consumption with the invention of a ‘Beer For Breakfast’.

This beer basically contains 7.4 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) stout which contains surprising ingredients such as maple syrup, oats, milk, sugar, and applewood-smoked barley.

Beer for Breakfast is just one of a number of beers that have odd ingredients and deviates from the normal beers a lot of us know. If you love your beers, here are a number of weird and interesting beer concoctions you should know about and probably even try out.

New York Oyster Stout By Blue Point Brewing
This beer contain 5.5 percent alcohol by volume and is an interesting bottle of drink given the fact that it follows an uncharted course. The beer contains sea salt harvested from Long Island in the United States and oyster shells.
The beer is specifically brewed from September to October of every year which makes it relatively scarce. If you’re up to it however, you can be in the look out for it and have a tasteful whenever it is available.

General Washington’s Secret Stash Beer
This 6.5 percent alcohol by volume beer is brewed by Dads and Dudes Breweria based in Colorado, USA. What makes this beer unique is the fact that it is infused with cannabis otherwise known as marijuana. While the beer contains 4 milligrams of cannabinoids (CBDs)—but no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) —per pint.
THC is responsible for getting people high and the general euphoria cannabis smokers experience. The absence of THC from the beer means that you’re most likely going to get a buzz but will definitely not get high.

Juicy Beer
This beer that takes like juice and vegetables is manufactured by  M.I.A beer company and has an alcohol percentage of 3.5. The beer basically contains juice cleansers including carrots and ginger which gives it, it’s distinctive taste. The taste and low alcohol content can definitely encourage you to want to have more than a couple of it than you would normal beers.

Whale Testicle And Sheep Dung Beer
This is perhaps the weirdest, but a brewing company in Iceland know as Stedji debuted Hvalur 2, a winter ale that contains 5.2 percent alcohol by volume and a number of weird ingredients. The company says the essence of the drink is to bring people closer to mother nature with the weirdest recipe you’d most likely come across: one whale testicle smoked with sheep dung per batch of beer.
You may fret as a foreigner but it is actually an old Icelandic tradition. The beer they say is meant to be enjoyed with other Icelandic specialties, such as fermented shark and liver sausage.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout
Wynkoop Breweries debuted the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout with an alcohol volume of 7.5 percent. This however is not the main catch as the beer company based in Denver, USA says the beer was brewed with 25 pounds of bull testicles for each batch of its popular stout. The beer is however said to have a chocolatey taste, so there’s no need to worry about having a nutty feeling.



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