Ander Herrera Bemoans Lack Of Luck At Manchester United

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Ander Herrera has stated that luck is against Manchester United and believe they should be notching back-to-back victories.

The Red Devils have amassed just 20 points in their opening 13 games, which is their worst run in the last 17 years. Their 1-1 draw against West Ham is their fourth consecutive home draw.

Danny Randolph, Hammers goalie produced a top drawer performance against Mourinho’s men, which has been the case for the Old Trafford outfit so far this season. And Ander Herrera believes they’ve been unlucky.

This follows Paul Pogba’s joke of how the players might start to think they’re under a curse.

“We’re Going To Start To Think We Are Cursed” – Pogba

“I don’t know what to say,” the Spain international said. “At the moment, luck is completely against us. We are playing very good and we deserve eight more points than we have.”

Asked if he felt United were close to getting on a winning run, the 27-year-old said: “Yes. We feel it because we are better than every opponent.

“I don’t know when the luck will change, but it’s not even luck – it’s just [what is] fair. We are looking for fair. We are looking to score maybe half of the chances we create and we will win 4-1 every game.”

“The best player of Burnley was the ‘keeper, the best player of Stoke was the ‘keeper, the best player of Arsenal was Petr Cech, the best player of West Ham was Randolph,” he said. “We are doing something good and we have to take good things from it.

“We play intense, we win the second balls, we create chances, we move the ball, we control the game, we have more possession than the opponents, we shoot on goal.

“I remember last season everyone said, ‘shoot, shoot, shoot’, and now we shoot I don’t know how many times each game but we are not scoring.

“It’s unbelievable that we don’t have six or eight points more than we have but hopefully the luck will turn in our favour.”



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