Wanted Man Posts Live Video Of Himself Fleeing From Police After Shootout On Facebook

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An Oklahoma man wanted for allegedly killing two of his relatives and wounding several victims, including two police officers during a shooting rampage on Sunday posted a video on Facebook Live as he fled from police.

According to reports, Police were called to the scene on Sunday evening after an altercation and then 38-year-old Micheal Vance allegedly came out with an AK-47 and opened fire on everybody. This led to a shootout between the suspect and police, before he fled in a patrol vehicle.

Police report he is likely still in possession of an AK-47, and that he has an unspecified “medical condition” that he “may try to spread.”


After he escaped the scene of the shootout, Vance started broadcasting his escape on Facebook Live.

“This is more intense than what I thought it was going to be, to say the least,” Vance said in the first video.

In a second video, Vance says  “What’s up, y’all? Letting y’all know, look, this is real,” he said. “That’s the real deal. It ain’t a joke. This ain’t a prank.”

“This is the interesting part, this is where it gets interesting,” he continued. “If you want to know what’s next, stay tuned to your local news.”

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