Truppr Raises Awareness For Breast Cancer With #PinkOctober Run

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The month of October is #PinkOctober – Breast cancer awareness month and Truppr is showing love and support to all the strong ladies battling Breast cancer, who have survived it and to the families who have lost someone to it.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide (second most common cancer overall), with nearly 1.7 million new cases diagnosed in 2012 and having a 58% mortality rate especially in the 3rd world countries.

Join us as we run with a splash of pink in your city to raise awareness on early detection and necessity of screening. Show up with a ribbon, headbands, pink running wears or sneakers with a touch of pink.

If you know someone who has battled or still battling this disease, come and show support by running/walking a 5KM with us.

So, get your loved ones involved, let them come and experience the rush and laughs from having an awesome run with other fitness enthusiasts and if you haven’t signed up it’s not late. Visit sign up.

Run with a dash of pink.



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