Toronto Raptors Have Lifted Their Locker Room Ban On Meek Mill’s Music

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Toronto Raptors

Earlier this year, when Drake and Meek Mill were feuding, the Toronto Raptors team banned Meek Mill music from their locker room. It seems that ban has however been lifted.

For those who don’t know already, Drake is an ambassador of the Raptors team and also a Toronto native. When the feud between the two rappers started, the Toronto team in respect to Drake forbade all things Meek Mill from the locker rooms according to Toronto forward Patrick Patterson. “Oh yeah, Meek Mill has been banned for a long time. No one plays Meek Mill.”  He said.

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Toronto raptors

Toronto Raptors un-ban Meek Mill

However, It seems the ban has been lifted. Patterson, in an interview with TMZ sports revealed that Meek Mill’s music is being played in the Raptors locker room again.

He added that Toronto’s star player, Kyle Lowry,  just like Meek Mill, is from Philadelphia. Lowry reintroduced Meek’s music to the team.

“Oh yeah, we do,” he said, when asked if the team listens to Meek Mill again. “You seem to forget we have a guy from Philadelphia on the team. Yeah, you got people from Philly, so people from Philly tend to play Philly music. Myself, I still listen to Meek Mill.”


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