These Are The Top Reasons To Date A Sensitive Man

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Being sensitive has its positive and interesting sides and there are a lot of reasons why sensitive men rank on top of the list of men to date and spend a lifetime with. The list of requirements of what Women desire in men is endless and usually includes caring, intelligent, rich, handsome, strong and God fearing.

While all these are important, dating a sensitive guy is very important as the experience is an entirely different one from being with a normal guy that enjoys the rugged and daring life. Sensitive men are best for a number of reasons including the fact that most are usually good in be, they are patient and usually have strong morals and principles.

Still wondering why sensitive men make the best partners and husbands, check out our list of reasons.

They Have Strong Principles And Morals
Sensitive men have strong principles and morals that they wouldn’t let go off. This is especially good if you share the same principles as they will be willing to uphold and stick to the principles you both hold dear.

Furthermore, you’d be sure that they would disregard inequity and injustice, and have a more open mind to a lot of issues. Your rights as a woman is also explicitly guaranteed.

They Are Good Listeners
Men that are sensitive to the feelings of their partners and those of every person around them usually make good listeners. Men that fall in this category tend to listen more when their women talk. They also have the ability to calm their partners down when they are angry which is a key factor to maintaining balance and healthy relationship.
More so, sensitive men understand the facial expressions of their women and know the right words to say when she’s angry that will calm her down.

They Are Excellent In Bed
Because sensitive men pay attention to details, they are mostly good in bed. They take their time during make out sessions and slowly get their women to the peak of her sensations instead of rushing through sex. They know exactly what and where to touch to give their women an orgasmic experience every time.

Women need to be reassured of what they feel and the fact that the man they are with is comfortable with spending most of his time with them. A Sensitive Man knows that keeping the walls up around him would create problems and as such would be smart enough to share his feelings in his relationship.

Mild Insecurities
Insensitive men usually have little or no insecurities. This is however not the case with sensitive men as they can be some of the most insecure people you can meet. There are however times when insecurity can be an endearing quality in a man.

The reason is that a sensitive and insecure man will most likely want to spend time listening and hanging out with his partner than an insensitive one. Provided he doesn’t go overboard, you can let him know how you feel and do what you can to make him feel secure.

They Are Very Patient
Sensitive men are some of the most patient men you can find around. While it may take them sometime to open themselves up and let you in their hearts, they usually let themselves into the people they love completely.
Furthermore, they are usually open and willing to express all of their feelings at once, the moment they are comfortable enough to get out of their shells. When they are out, you have them all to yourself.

They Are Very Appreciative
Men that are sensitive have good and sharp memories. They remember anniversaries, birthdays and any other important dates. They care about the things you think and feel and would do all they can to appreciate every little thing you do. Most of all they tell you ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and also shoe you how much they love you.



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