Thinking Of Being Your Own Boss? Here Are 5 Careers You Should Consider

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Entrepreneurs are the future of the world. Paid jobs are seemingly going out of fashion not because these type of careers no longer fulfil the dreams and aspirations of a lot of young people. If you’re working hard and can’t seem to meet up ends meet, it maybe time to consider being your own boss for once. There’s no time to keep your ideas of becoming your own boss a pipe dream because there are a lot of careers from which you can determine your own salary, work on your own terms, and achieve anything you want to.

Check out 5 career lines where you can achieve all you want if you work hard enough.

Real Estate Agent
You don’t need much to go into this field except a secondary school leaving certificate and street smartness. Estate agents make between ₦100,000 and ₦200,000 every month. Real estate agents work on commission, so the more properties you sell, the more you’ll make. Houses, commercial buildings, plots of land, farms, you name it. If you can sell it, you can earn. And remember that commissions will be higher the higher the value of the property. Focus on the high-end stuff and start raking it in.

Freelance Writing
Talent is required more here and education can be negotiable. The rewards from freelance Writing is high especially if you have the opportunity of writing to provide content for blogs to website. The first jobs are usually the most difficult to find but once you get into the field, you can build on your success one after the other.

A familiarity with blog platforms such as blogspot, WordPress and online media is essential. The moment you start writing, your only limitation is the amount of time you’re willing to devote to writing more interesting articles.

Insurance Sales Agent
This will normally require a bachelor’s degree to get employed but you can earn a lot of money from this. Insurance agents earn a fairly standard salary while others offer a smaller salary with large commissions. If you have the talent of convincing people, this is the way to go to earn loads of money.

Medical Device Sales
Selling medical devices can earn you a lot of money especially if you’re thinking of changing careers. All it requires is a secondary school leaving certificate, national diploma or a bachelor’s degree. You can earn as much as ₦150,000 every month from this job or even higher depending on your commission from sales.

Selling medical equipment is however complex because it requires a great deal of knowledge of the various medical products on offer. You also have to have a talent for convincing medical doctors, medical laboratory scientists and pharmacists who need what you have on offer. The job may also require you to have a good knowledge of Microsoft tools including PowerPoint which you will use in demonstrating your products in action.
The field is a competitive and demanding one which can be flexible and lucrative if you have the right selling skills.

Sales Manager
Before you get to the managerial position, you’d have to start up as a sales representative and work your way up. Once you’re at this level, you’d most likely earn double of your money if you’re good enough. You will have people working under you in a sales team from which you can earn from their own commissions. Good leadership is important for this post so as to be able to motivate your subordinates to perform as well as you do.

If you feel like you’re not earning as much as you’d love to, you may want to consider breaking out of the box and taking the courageous steps that can help you build your own career.



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