Suge Knight Is Suing Dr Dre, Says Dre Hired A Hitman To Kill Him

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Former C.E.O of Death Row Records, Suge Knight has filed a lawsuit against Dr Dre his former partner saying that Dre hired a hitman to kill him.

Suge is also suing Dr Dre for cutting him out of his Beats by Dre deal with Apple. According to Suge, he signed a lifetime deal with Dre, a deal that entitles him to 30% of all Dre’s entertainment earnings. Apple put down $1m for Dre’s Beats and if the contract details are true, Suge is entitled to $300m. Knight says Apple didn’t want its brand associated with him so Dre planned to have him killed so the deal would go through smoothly.

According to the lawsuit, Suge claims that Dre hired someone to kill him at the 1 Oak club in Los Angeles in 2014, during the weekend of the BET Awards. Suge Knight was shot at seven times and survived.

In January 2015, while the movie ‘Straight Outta Compton‘ was being filmed, there was a dispute on the set in Compton, California when Suge Knight suddenly showed up. It led to the death of Terry Carter and Cle “Bone” Sloan being seriously injured. Suge is currently in jail for the murder of Carter even though he claimed he was trying to escape an ambush and it was an accident.

Now, in the lawsuit, Suge Knight says Dre and Universal studios paid Sloan $300,000 to kill him.

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