Rose: Knicks Training Camp, Best Of My Career

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Injury plagued Derrick Rose, has revealed his excitement at the training camp, saying he feels great.

And also stated the training camp with the Knicks, ranks as the best camp of his career, not that he has had too many.

“I look at it as the years that I’ve played on the league, this the most focus I’ve had knowing the situation, what I’m getting myself into,” Rose said. “The big year we have ahead of us. We’re focused, we’re dedicated, that’s all you want from this group.”

Rose added that Knicks coaches have been impressed by his stamina, which is measured by a wearable technology that the Knicks players use during practice.

“This is my first time paying attention to it,” Rose said. “And the training staff went into depth about how hard I go and how much distance I cover and the impact of how I just play. And they have to kick me off the court here and there cause of how hard I work.”



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