The Reasons Nigerian Men Lie About Their Dating Status

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One of the most common things Nigerian men lie about is their dating or marital status. It is common for a lot of men to claim to be single when as a matter of fact they are in a serious and committed relationship.

The moment these men are asked if they are in a relationship or not, they will say they are not straight up and come up with a lot of lies to justify their lie when they are caught out.

Some of the common lies men tell when they are asked if they are in a relationship or not is that they are in a complicated relationship or they just recently broke up. Men can go on to tell more daring lies like they had to breakup their engagement due to religious or tribal reasons while others will talk about their girlfriends in a way that the woman believes it doesn’t matter.

As time goes on however and things get serious, there’s a chance that the lies will become exposed. Here are some of the reasons Nigerian men lie about their dating status.

For Fun
Some men find lying to be a fun activity and would pretty much do it to any lady that crosses their path. Nigerian men that fall into this category usually see lying about their relationship status as something that puts their manliness to test, especially regarding the number of women they are able to conquer.
Lying and cheating is nothing more than a game to such people and a way of stroking their ego.

Their Feelings For Their Girlfriend Has Faded
Nigerian men particularly lie about being in a relationship when they no longer feel the same way they do about their girlfriends. When the emotions and passion the man feels fades off, they tend to want to seek for the spark that was in the relationship from the onset. This will usually necessitates then lying and going out in search of something that can bring back the spark.

Some men are very greedy and want any woman they come across to be theirs. This usually results in them lying about their relationship status to almost every girl they meet. On the other hand, some men get tired of their relationship and simply want to enjoy the thrill of dating women of different shapes and sizes to add to their list of conquered women.

Sexual Connection
Men unlike women, are moved by what we see before getting moved by what we touch. Men tend to lust after women that are not available for one of several reasons. They go on to do all it takes to sleep with such women including pretending to be serious, lying about who they are with and telling the girls that they are single when in fact they know this is not true.

To Protect The Woman From Getting Hurt

Nigerian men often lie about their relationship status when they see that they are getting close to a particular woman and their feelings are being reciprocated so much so that the lady in question becomes clingy. The dependency of the woman on them makes the man want to protect her from any form of hurt. Telling the truth in this situation will not only shatter a brewing romance but all cause a lot of grief. This usually necessitates the man lying to prevent this.

The Fear Of Being Rejected
A lot of men worry that when they ask out a new girl, she’d probably turn them down if she knows the truth. Men know that a lot of women would not agree to date them if they know they are in a relationship, except there are very strong and legitimate reasons to do so since most women date with the hope of settling down.

To Have Several Options
Nigerian men usually want to have several girlfriends to prevent being heartbroken, especially from dating one person. They lie to everyone involved about their relationship status, so as to keep hanging out and asking other girls out in order to weigh their options.



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