Phone Review: Tecno Phantom 6

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Tecno have recently released the latest additions to their flagship line, the Phantom 6 and the Phantom 6 Plus.

Tagged the Beauty and the Beast, the Phantom 6 packs on the good looks while the Phantom 6 Plus is a pure machine.


Read my full, in-depth review of the Phantom 6 below!

Tecno Phantom 6 – Design & Display

At 6.15mm, the Tecno Phantom 6 is one of the slimmest smartphones ever, and it totally deserves its nickname of Beauty. The phone has a full metal body, and comes in two main colors: Champagne Gold and Anthracite Gray. With an aluminum frame and a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen, the Phantom 6 is extremely resistant to physical damage.

The back cover of the phone bears the dual rear cameras of the Phantom 6, and is non-removable. The back of the Phantom 6 is different from the back of the 6 Plus, which has a fingerprint scanner below the camera. At the top of the phone is a lone earphone jack, while a USB type-C port and speakers adorn the bottom of the phone. The quality of the speakers is a downside of the Phantom 6, with sounds at times coming out muffled.

Unlike Tecno’s last offering, the Camon C9, there are no physical buttons, with the home and back keys all on-screen.

The screen itself is a 5.5″ full-HD AMOLED display, and it’s great to use. It’s great to watch movies on at 60 fps, and responds almost instantly most of the time.  The AMOLED screen also helps to conserve battery power, which comes in extremely handy.

Tecno Phantom 6 – Software & Performance

The Phantom 6 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, with the latest version of Tecno’s HiOS Phantom 1.1.0. Tecno continues to make improvements on their custom ROM, with the Phantom 6 offering a wide variety of themes and designs to personalize your Phantom experience however you want.

The eyeprint scanner is the Phantom 6’s extra layer of security, but it still seems shaky. It could take 3 seconds to verify at times, and other times take almost 8 seconds of staring before it does.

Asides the 6 Plus, the Phantom 6 is easily Tecno’s most powerful device ever. With 3GB of RAM for its MTK Helio P10 CPU, you’d hardly ever find this device dragging. Its CPU clocks at 2GHz, and with a 64-bit processor, Tecno has delivered the fastest-performing phone of its price range.  It’s GeekBench score is however not so high, scoring 2896, lower than Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s 3043.


With all this, it’s only natural that gaming be fluid on the Phantom 6, and it definitely is. It doesn’t come pre-installed with any games, but you can download on the Play Store and enjoy a really nice mobile gaming experience.

There is 32GB of internal storage, which is more than enough for the average user. If you’re not the average user, you can expand the phone’s memory by up to 128GB with an SD card.

With an LTE Cat 6 antenna, the Phantom 6 offers the highest data speeds possible, up to a maximum 300 mbps when on a 4G network.

Tecno Phantom 6 – Hardware

The Phantom 6 has 3 cameras: an 8-megapixel front camera, and 13-megapixel and 5-megapixel rear cameras. The two rear cameras combine to provide an increased visual field, faster focus and overall better images. The cameras come with plenty editing tools, though it takes a while to get the hang of them. It’s HDR mode is amazing, and photos seem straight out of a DSLR camera.

I was hoping that Tecno would make us extremely happy by allowing us to add custom watermarks, but we’re still stuck with the 8 stock watermarks that come with the phone.


The Phantom 6’s battery is a small 2700 mAh, and Tecno does a good job of masking that with  many battery saving additions like the AMOLED screen and the Helio processor. There is also the introduction of a USB type-C port, which allows for faster charging.

The phone comes with a bunch of accessories — earphones, a USB cable, a charging station with multiple outlets and even a screen protector.  The earphones are kind of like the speakers, but offer great quality on phone calls.

Tecno Phantom 6 – Verdict

The Tecno Phantom 6 retails around N80,000, and for that price, you’re basically swindling Tecno. Top device.




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  1. Tecno really outdid themselves with this packaging. The phone looks really good; seems they’ve come a long way in changing their brand perception

  2. Great review. I’ve always been a fan of amoled displays from the days of SG S2. Deep blacks, battery savings and decent viewing angles.
    Tecno is winning with this beauty no doubt.

  3. This is amazing. The review is one of the best I’ve seen , I like the way the specs are outlined. Talking about this amazing gadget makes me wanna get mine like ASAP. Good job Tecno

    1. The Ability to resist physical Damage is just Wow!!!.
      Good Spec details too. I couldnt ask for more from a Beast. And affordable too

  4. Wow. So this amazing device is also resistant to physical damage? Tecno keeps making these devices interesting to use.

  5. This phone is a must have. These specifications are wonderful. Tecno engineers did a good job on this phantom 6. Every feature on it is a good one.

    1. I swear I’m glad they are finally being able to shut people up. The two phones are amazing. The name The Beast rightly fits, wetin the phone pack na die.

  6. I still wish the beauty had the specs of the beast tho. Don’t get me wrong, the beauty is an amazing phone. Charges very quick and the battery is not that bad but it’s no Plus tho. The Phantom 6 plus is just so amazing. Battery of 4050mAh Ahan kilode!!! The processors, the cameras. Is there a review for the Phantom 6 +?

  7. No one is giving them credit for the packaging? The way dem pack the phone na die! I absolutely think the packaging is on a hundred and they should be given credit. The packaging alone can make one very enthusiastic about getting the phone.

  8. Lol The packaging is great no doubt. But one has to have the money to buy it first to experience the packaging and Owu dey blow men.

  9. The pricing is not bad. I’ll always say this. With the specifications of the phone, the pricing is more than okay. Other brands will put a heftier tag price on it. Tecno still retained their affordability which they deserve kudos for.

  10. Techno phantom 6 is fake one phone because not working what’up properly m going in tecno care but not given me ans propry phantom 6 is fake one phone

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