Outraged Father Stabs Doctor To Death Over Death Of His Newborn Baby

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A pediatrician in eastern China has been stabbed to death by an angry father after the man’s baby daughter died shortly after her birth.

The doctor, 34-year-old Li Baohua who worked at Laigang Hospital in Laiwu, Shandong province, was stabbed 15 times, 12 times in his head and 3 times to the body after he was attacked in his office on Monday morning by the suspect, identified as Chen Jianli.

Chen Jianli was reportedly aggrieved at the hospital’s treatment of his daughter, who had died of complications related to pneumonia just two days after her birth. After being briefed on his daughter’s death, Chen returned to the hospital on Monday with a dagger and a knife. He hid the weapons in a shoulder bag.

Pictures from the hospital after the attack circulated on Chinese social media showing numerous blood splatters on the floor.


Officials at the Yinshan public security bureau in Shandong said on Tuesday that Chen Jianlin had been arrested and an investigation was underway.

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