Nigerian Pastor Performing Fake Miracles Exposed By Hidden Camera

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Nigerian Pastor
A Nigerian pastor during a crusade has been exposed as he was filmed performing a fake miracle by a man with a hidden camera.
The man with the hidden camera wrote:
“Please share this so people will learn to look up to God instead of men who claim to be called by God. I was at the event live and this is not hear say. They have paid gangs who work with them. I have always suspected him so I went with my hidden Camera.
Pay attention to 2:20–2:40 minutes section of the video, you will notice a young man drop a black polyethylene bag in front of the sick man from where two dead lizards popped out from. I saw what happened and I didn’t want to embarrass them so I had to quietly follow the boy who dropped the lizard to question him in private and collect his number.
I made him my friend and over a period of 2 weeks, I bought his trust and he confessed to me that the priest pay up to 15k per deal and that they were about 7 working for him. He confessed of sneaking into peoples compound at night to bury charms which the same Man of god who sent them will unearth the next day or whenever they come for covenant breaking.
According to Mr. Gabriel Nwachukwu who has had prior dealings with him;
“l know this Priest very very well and he’s fake!!! He was invited to my own compound l mean my own blood elder sister invited him for family deliverance on August 12th 2012 in Ogbor ugiri community, lsiala Mbano. after my elder brother’s mysterious death. And he did the same thing he did here, he took us to our backyard and began to dig the ground, at a point he began to pour water into the hole in the ground and asked us to close our eyes, face up and pray. few seconds later he asked us to open our eyes and look, without digging the hole any further he asked his servant to pour back some of the sand into the hole and then asked him to open the hole again, as he was removing that same sand from the same hole, he brought out something tied with red clothe.
“The red clothe was still shiny and fresh,,,,Haba,,something buried for a long time?? And they put it inside their bag…God knows l and my immediate elder never believed it……He said he knew the person that did it and that he will tell us his name the next day during our family meeting but he did not come to our house rather he asked his boys to come and carry the working materials they left in our compound and didn’t tell us the name of the person that did the evil, even when we went to his fake adoration ground at somewhere in Ehime Mbano, that same day, he refused talking to us, told his boys to tell us that he was busy and till today he never told us anything or come to our compound or community.
“Before he was claiming a catholic priest, before the Catholics denied him then, he proclaimed himself an Anglican priest, which my mother still has his fake amalac (calender) of Anglican priesthood, in her room and the Anglicans also denied him, he now claims to a catholic priest under East American catholic church……isn’t that funny?”
Watch the video below.

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