Nigerian Man With 90 Wives Denies Death Rumors

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A Nigerian man with 90 wives has denied rumors about his death, claiming he’s still very much alive.

80-year old Bello Abubakar Masaba told Vanguard that the reports were from his enemies who wanted his death.

He said: “My dear, I am still alive, hale and hearty. At least, you can hear me speak and certainly, a dead person cannot speak.

“The rumour is baseless and can best be described as the work of my detractors because they envy what God has done and what He is still doing for me.

“I am seated outside of my house and I am speaking with you live in Bida without any problem with my health.”

He added: “What I am doing is divine. It is an assignment and I will keep doing it till the end.”



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