A Movie About Not Making A Movie

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In 2014, three Filmmakers from Chicago raised $78,000 on crowdfunding site, Indiegogo to make a movie and then they disappeared.

The three sketch comedy artists known as FND Films collected the cash and fell off the face of the earth. No details were revealed about the promised film aside from the title: It’s All Good.

Understandably, supporters, fans and donors were furious. Their Facebook page was flooded with comments like “Are you fucking serious???? Where’s the fucking money??“. Some people even threatened legal action against FND Films.

Finally, a video surfaced where FND Films president Aaron Fronk apologized to fans, saying “I’m so sorry to announce that due to complications and things beyond our control, the movie can no longer be completed“. Even going on Fox news to admit that the group ran out of money before even a fraction of the film was completed.

With the situation reaching peak level in their Facebook comment section, FMD Films announce that they did infact make a film… A film about not making a movie.

The film, still titled It’s All Good, is an action comedy out on Oct. 21 about what happens when three dudes crowdfund a movie project and then run away with the cash. The plot mirrors the filmmakers’ experience on Indiegogo and dealing with angry contributors, but spins off into a fictionalized account of how they blow it. The movie also includes footage from real angry fans .

Watch the trailer for It’s All Good here

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